Black Woman. 




Art, Culture, Nature Lover


Marnique finds purpose guiding others to equitable access to wellbeing, quality of life & the fullest and truest expression of one’s chosen identity.  

A lifelong wanderluster, Marnique sees the vivid existence of world culture and bold differences in fauna and flora as constant sources of inspiration.

She enjoys meeting people graciously at ALL intersections of being. 

Young leisure divers 

Personal Travel Archives

Stone Town, Tanzania 2019

To know me, is to know my loves -

Home is where the heart is.

Any beach

Funk, House, AfroBeat 


Antique stores

Art Galleries


Charleston SC

Nashville TN

The African Diaspora is my home. 

Family over Everything.

Husband and BFF, Jarrett +

2 of the cutest little humans that ever lived!

Occupational Therapist. 

Life Journey Coach.

Marnique believes the greatest beauty is life itself

She regards Occupational Therapy as an inseparable practice, and uses it freely to bring out the best, in all that she encounters. 

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